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Boxing Basics

Everybody’s gotta start somewhere. Learn the basics of boxing through easy to learn
exercises with technical explanation. This class will teach you fundamental footwork, how to throw punches and how to defend yourself to give you a solid foundation at the beginning of your boxing journey.

Cardio Boxing 

Get your sweat on. This cardio boxing class is a full body workout mixing boxing and high
intensity interval training. This may be a shorter class but we will push you to your limit.

Competitive Boxing

This is where champions are made. Our competitive boxing program develops fighters to perform to their highest potential in the ring. Each athlete must go through fitness testing and boxing try-outs in order to enrol in this program. Alongside boxing training, the competitive program will include scheduled team cardio sessions, olympic weightlifting, and a weekly yoga session. This program will prepare athletes to compete on a provincial, national and international level.

Kids Classes

Have your kids learn the sweet science of boxing in a safe and fun environment. Your kids will learn hard work, discipline and teamwork all while learning the basics of boxing.

Recreational Class Teen and Adult

Train like a champ. Our recreational classes will teach you the ins and outs of technical
boxing through shadowboxing, bagwork, footwork drills, defense drills and 1 on 1 mitt work. Learn how to be a well rounded fighter before even stepping into the ring

Ladies Classes

Let’s fight ladies! Female boxing is at an all time high right now, join the movement with our ladies class. This class is open to all female, femme identifying and non-binary people. Learn technical boxing and self defense from a female boxing coach. This class is for all-levels and perfect for anyone who wants to start boxing but doesn’t know where to start.

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Additional Programs Offered - Call For More Info

  • Ice-Wars training
  • Country partnerships
  • School trainings
  • Sports team cross training

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