On July 16, 1946 Jim Parsons and Charlie Dean formed the Southside Legion Boxing Club with the backing of what is known presently as the Strathcona #150 Legion. Since its inception virtually thousands of Edmonton’s youth have participated in the sport of Amateur Boxing. Athletes such as Walter Kozack, Ted Germaine, Tommy White, Hal Veale, Dave Ward, the Billingsley brothers, Marv Anderson, Bill and Jim Titley, Doug Bolianats, Gordie Riddell, Tom Sillito, Jackie Wallace, Rocky Steers, Tom James and countless numbers of others brought recognition to the Club. These greats, alongside many others, paved the way for the champion amateur boxers of today. Southside Legion Boxing Club exemplifies the best of the 76-year tradition of amateur boxing greatness.


The Veterans of Strathcona #150 have long supported the club, and resurrecting the name is our way of honouring the sacrifice to the country and the love of the community. Without them, amateur boxing wouldn’t be where it is today. We need to remember them and continue on in their tradition of greatness adding to their legacy.


Through the years, hundreds of coaches and volunteers have contributed their energies and time not only to develop athletes but to provide direction to youngsters in the life skills of self-discipline, character, self-esteem and good citizenship. Current alumni Rick Jamerson and Dana Paulson found it crucial to continue the legacy of Southside Legion Boxing Club and cultivate the next generation of amateur and professional boxers.


Welcome to the rejuvenation of the Southside Legion Boxing Club we are excited to remember from where we came and where our steps shall lead.


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Edmonton, AB

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